California Bio-Char Activated Soil Products

Soil Enhancers

GES soil enhancers can help optimize soil nutrient efficiency as well as water retention by replacing nutrient and other elements which have been depleted through soil misuse or intensive agricultural practices.

The result is renewal: improved performance, health and microbial activity – in a sustainable way.

Liquid Nutrients

GES formulated liquid nutrients have a variety of benefits for indoor and outdoor growing. Regular use can improve crop quality and associated shelf-life, while improving soil life activity as well as providing protection and rehabilitation for stressed plants

Effectively reduces maturation time and boosts flowering while improving the flower to fruit ratio.

Plant Protectants

GES Plant Protectants help your plants become more resilient while reducing strain on the environment. Through extensive research we have developed a family of products designed to be effective barriers against many common plant and tree issues.

Sustainable solutions for controlling insects and diseases, including mites and molds, as well as reducing environmental concerns.


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