THE NEXT GENERATION OF BIOINSECTICIDES Grandevo: An Advanced Microbial Pesticide. Grandevo offers complex modes of action to manage a cross spectrum of chewing and sucking insects and mites on a wide range of crops. It provides a unique combination of long-lasting performance and operational flexibility, it carries no bee restrictions, is easy on beneficials, and is exempt from residue tolerances. Grandevo provides growers with an effective and reliable insecticide/miticide that is highly compatible with both integrated pest management (IPM) and insect resistance management (IRM) programs.

Naturally derived from a newly discovered bacterium, Grandevo is powered by multiple compounds with highly effective insecticidal properties, giving rise to complex modes of action. The compounds are produced in bacterial cells during the manufacturing process. The result is a potent biopesticide that is highly active against labeled insects and mites, and controls pests through novel combinations of oral toxicity, repellency, reduced oviposition and reduced fecundity (i.e., ability of the pest to reproduce). Grandevo has also been shown to maintain populations of most beneficials and introduced biological controls.

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